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No Trigger 

I just finished up my feature on No Trigger.  They’re currently touring the U.S. with Only Crime and Crime in Stereo.  Check ’em out if you can make it out to a show.

Here it is:

Maybe No Trigger should be headlining their current tour with Only Crime and Crime in Stereo.  They are the outcasts without the word “crime” in their band name, but last Wednesday at the Ottobar in
Baltimore, they were the most popular band there. 

All together, there might have been 45 people in the place.  It was a school night, after all.  But even Tom of No Trigger admitted on stage (excuse his lack of proper English), “Hey, we’re doing good for a Wednesday!” 

At least 12 guys in the audience were able to sing or scream along with most of No Trigger’s set, following Tom and his microphone back and forth as if there were a magnetic attraction.  Neither Crime in Stereo, playing just before No Trigger, or Only Crime, headlining the tour and playing directly after, could compete with the amount of audience participation generated by No Trigger.

Tom says he’s stoked about the current tour.  He says he’s friends with the Crime in Stereo boys, and he’s excited about touring with Bill Stevenson (a ledgendary punk drummer) in Only Crime.  Stevenson drummed for The Descendents, Black Flag, and ALL.  He is now a recording engineer and helped No Trigger record their last album. 

Tom said he enjoys a live performance when a band can act natural on stage.  “We just want to be ourselves,” he said.  Last Wednesday, No Trigger had no problem naturally exerting all of their energy on stage.  Tom hopped around on stage and constantly got up in the crowd’s face.  He made use of the floor monitors on stage, running up onto them as if he was about to fly off. 

No Trigger just announced more tour dates in the U.S., Canada, and
Europe.  “Everyone in our band is 100% ready to tour non-stop,” Tom said.  Instead of causing tension between band mates, touring “makes us a tighter bunch,” Tom explained.  “Touring for months brings you together . . . it works if everyone is on the same page,” he said.

They played most of their latest album (now a year old), Canyoneer.  They also played favorites off of their first EP, Extinction in Stereo. 

“We spent a lot of time writing and working diligently,” Tom said of their album Canyoneer.  “When I listen to it, there’s nothing I would change,” he said.  On specific songs, Tom said, “They all mean a lot to me.”  Tom tries to tackle important issues in his writing, and the songs aren’t as personal.  Lyrics feature issues about gay marriage and females in the hardcore punk scene.  “I kind of got everything off my chest through the whole album,” he said. 

Tom said the response from their album “has been incredible.”  Not only has it had success in the U.S.; he said they’ve toured in Japan and
Europe and, “kids were singing along!  It surprised the crap out of us!  It was really cool.”  One of their biggest goals was to tour outside of the U.S., “I can’t tell you how much we wanted to get to Europe and
Japan,” Tom said. 

Some of Tom’s influences are Propaghandi, Descendents, and Minor Threat.  “Those are just some bands that I will never not like,” he said.  No Trigger’s sound has been described as “a mix of punk and hardcore.”  They may pay tribute to their roots in their music, but No Trigger isn’t trying to sound like anyone else.  Tom said, “We do whatever the hell we want.” 

“You have control over how you sound . . . you are what you write,” he said.  Tom explained that the five members of the band all wok together on their material, “all five of us jam it out,” he said.  He said fans can expect new material next year. 

You can hear No Trigger on their myspace.com website, http://myspace.com/notrigger. 

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