They Can’t Hear It. Turn It Up.

This is a little overdue, but here goes!

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Before last Sunday I could safely say I’d never been kicked in the face.

Lifetime, although considered to be pop-punk or melodic hardcore, see wild mosh pits all the time. I guess kids really like hopping around to their melodic, poppy riffs. When I say hopping around, I mean crawling onto the stage –after throwing their bows in the pit — and hopping off. When I say hopping off, I mean hopping off of my face. I guess that’s what I get for clinging to the barricade in the front for the entire show.

But it was worth it. Lifetime played with tons of energy last Sunday at the Alley Katz in Richmond, Va. The venue is pretty small, the floor is probably 45 feet by 25 feet, and there’s a nice balcony that goes all the way around the stage and the floor — you can get a good view of the show from any angle. Lifetime was able to cram a huge crowd into the venue last Sunday; the show was sold out.

Lifetime played a wide variety of tunes at the show. They played favorites from their first two releases, Hello Bastards and New Jersey’s Best Dancers. After a hiatus of about 10 years, Lifetime recently released a self-titled album on Fall Out Boy’s label, Decaydance. They played a few off of that album as well, and fans love the new songs as much as the older ones. Honestly, the new album sounds as if the band never stopped playing. It’s still pop-punk-core as ever.

They play with a ton of energy, and non-stop movement. Guitarist Dan Yemin was often up in my face. Both he, vocalist Ari Katz, and bassist Dave Palitis would get as close to the crowd as possible without tripping over the barracide. Of course, the crowd would come to them, crawling on top of one another and running around on stage before diving back.

Known for not being very talkative with the crowd, Lifetime was surprisingly entertaining in that aspect last Sunday. Dan Yemin explained a couple of recent nightmares he had. One involved Lifetime covering songs live they hadn’t learned how to play. Another involved Madonna doing a cover of a Descendents song. “I woke up sweating,” announced Yemin. He also managed to get blood on himself somehow, either his own or someone else’s; “I apologize for the blood,” he announced.

Ari Katz announced to us all that we were tougher than Philly fans when it came to dancing in the pit. This had to be a joke, and audience members reacted as such — laughing or “Oooh!”-ing. (Philly kids are ridiculously aggressive when it comes to two-stepping. It’s no fun.)

However, the dancing was pretty crazy. The two-stepping leaders in the crowd shouted song requests and you could sense the tension in the air when Katz announced that they would play said song. By the end of the show, there was no longer a “front row” because audience members were tired of stage divers launching off of their face or being used as a holster to get onto the stage.


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