When Fire and the Ocean Floor Collide

I’m still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing . . .

Here’s my review of the Saves the Day show!

I hate the Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Md.

Everywhere you look, there’s a bar. There are four bars throughout the huge venue. Hence, everywhere you look during a sold out show, there are drunks. Tons of obnoxious drunks. When you get a ton of obnoxious drunks together at a rock show, you’re going to either get injured, or into a fight. Myself, I want to punch every dumb dyed-blonde with flip flops and huge purses in the pit. Please don’t get in the pit with flip flops on and then scream when you get stepped on and knocked over. However, sadly, I guess this is to be expected at a sold out Saves the Day show . . .

Last night, Saves the Day and Say Anything headlined at the Rams Head Live! The opening acts were Manchester Orchestra and Meg & Dia (I missed all of Manchester and most of Meg & Dia).

Not that I’m complaining since I had a two and a half hour drive ahead of me after the show, but why was Say Anything the headliner? Saves the Day was the third band to play. I figured they’d be last since they have way more credit in the scene. It seems Say Anything is the next big thing, so keep your eye out . . . or closed. I didn’t stick around after Saves the Day. Not only was I sweaty and tired of obnoxious drunks/ teeny-boppers, but . . . well I was sweaty and tired of the obnoxious drunks.

Saves the Day, you always make me smile despite your ridiculous fans.

They opened up with “The End,” the second track on their newest album, Sound the Alarm (now a year old). They proceeded to play a ton of others off of the same album, interjecting with a few from third album Stay What You Are, one from fourth album In Reverie, and two from second album Through Being Cool. A few of us got super excited when vocalist/ guitarist Chris Connelly, one of two original members of STD, asked if we’d like to hear some old stuff. “Play ‘Jessie and My Whetstone’!!!” shouted a drunk, who must own their acoustic EP, from behind me. He didn’t have his request fulfilled. “Fuck!” he then announced.

“Anything off of Through Being Cool!” I pleaded. My request was fulfilled. They launched into “Rocks Tonic Juice Magic.” The hardcore and drunk fans in the crowd used this opportunity to rough it up in the pit and get the teeny-bopper girls screaming. It was amusing. Not as amusing as observing the preppy meatheads in the crowd holding each other and just about bawling as they sang along to their Stay What You Are favorites, such as “Firefly,” “Freakish,” and “At Your Funeral.” All of these songs, as well as In Reverie‘s “Anywhere With You,” are softer and less mosh-able than their earlier stuff. With the change in sound, they may have lost a lot of fans, but they gained a ton of teeny-bopper flip flop chicks. Saves the Day decided to head back to their roots with their last album, Sound the Alarm, maybe gaining some love from their older fans. The album is harder and faster, while poppy at the same time.

It wasn’t until their second to last song that we heard another from Through Being Cool, “Holly Hox Forget Me Nots.”

Chris Connelly did seem to enjoy himself, “Fuck yeah! That was awesome!” he announced after “Freakish.” I’m not sure if he was referring to the unnecessary moshing in the crowd or his own skilled guitar playing and vocals. Saves the Day always does a good job of keeping their energy up. Chris Connelly always makes eye contact with the crowd as he smiles and sings. *Swoon* You can’t help but hope he’ll catch your gaze while you scream his genius lyrics back at him.

They also squeezed in a new song. The new album is due out this summer. It resembled the tunes on Sound the Alarm, but maybe a bit poppier. We’ll see.


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