Who’s the Next to Hit the Ground Tonight?

I’ve recently discovered two awesome hardcore/ punk acts, How We Are and Take Warning.

It seems that when bands name themselves after songs by great artists, they are destined to create music just about on par with those artists.

How We Are, whether or not they’re willing to admit it, have obviously named themselves after a Lifetime song.  Lifetime is just about ledgendary, and maybe How We Are, with their faster and angrier melodic riffs, will make it to ledgend -status.  How We Are is from Rochester, New York, and they’re gaining recognition along the upper East Coast.  They got together in 2004, “Just five guys who wanted to play in a fast melodic hardcore band, nothing more nothing less,” according to their myspace page.  I was expecting something a lot poppier, but their stuff is pretty hard and fast.  Nonetheless, it’s fun stuff.


Take Warning, Operation Ivy-inspired band name, is from Santa Cruz, California.  Well, apparently there are quite a few Take Warnings but I am talking about the talented punk/ hardcore band that just released their debut EP.  Their influences include Gorilla Biscuits, Strike Anywhere, Good Riddance, Lifetime, and Ignite – which is very apparent in the vocals.  These guys can acutally sing, and they have some fast, fun riffs.  Check out this myspace page.


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