Well, Oh Well.

I keep hearing about Fake Problems from Naples, FL. 

I figured I’d might as well check them out.

If you like Against Me!, Fake Problems is the folkier and more experimental version.  If you don’t like Against Me!, try a listen anyway.  Imagine Against Me!’s sound a little watered down with the addition of a banjo, fiddles, some horns at times, and a scratchier voice.   

Obviously Florida is spawning a popular new genre.  All those hardcore and punk kids needed something a little less intense, but something you can tap your foot and bang your head to.  In fact, if you really wanted to mosh to Fake Problems, I’m sure you could get away with it. 

The band has an EP, Spurs and Spokes/ Bull> Matador, and a new full length, How Far Our Bodies Go

I’m sure they’re going to have to carry the Against Me! comparison for the rest of their existence, but these guys sound like they can rise above.  Thier sound is pretty unique, but I don’t know how many people are going to go for the extra-folky bits.  Somehow these guys have taken bluegrass and melded it with punk to make something really fun and unique. 


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