Loved Ones/ Strike Anywhere


Dave Hause.  New York. 

The Loved Ones finished up their tour with Strike Anywhere at the Ottobar in Baltimore last Wednesday.

The Loved Ones have a pop punk sound.  Their sound attracts a lot of younger main-stream punk kids who enjoyed running into each other because they thought it was funny.  That, or skanking, which seemed out of place for The Loved Ones fast pop punk.  The Loved Ones did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up, especially the two meatheads with wifebeaters trying to hurt each other in their makeshift mosh pit.  They may have also gotten the crowd a little riled up, poking fun at the young kids with X-ed up hands and straight edge kids.  “Oh you’re straight edge?  I wonder how long that’s going to last,” announced lead vocalist/ guitar, Dave Hause.  Some may not have been as amused as I was.  He also poked fun at a audience member in the front row, asking “Are you having any fun?  You don’t look like you’re having any fun.  Are yuo just desperately waiting for Strike Anywhere to get up here?”  It’s good to see humble band members who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind and interact with the audience.
Philidelphia natives, The Loved Ones played favorites off of their Fat Wreck release, Keep Your Heart and their Jade Tree self titled release.
About five people owned the pit during The Loved Ones, pushing and shoving or skanking, for some reason . . .

When Strike Anywhere hit the stage,  the whole floor erupted and The Ottobar turned into a sauna (thank God for the fan off to the left side of the floor under the balcony).  The stage dives started immediately.  The pit opened up, and towards the end of their set, a giant stuffed dog was being tossed around.  Don’t ask.
I’m not the biggest fan of Strike Anywhere, but no one can deny the amazing stage presence they have.  They generate so much energy in the crowd, and it’s amazing to watch everyone singing along and pumping their fists to the political-driven, “anti-establishment” lyrics.
They played favorites off of their past five albums.  Their newest, Dead FM, was released last September.
The audience was obviously in love, and the floor was obviously drenched in their sweat.  Strike  Anywhere only gave us a 50 minute set, and it left everyone screaming for more, literally.  The cries of “one more song!” went on for at least five minutes until they gave up.
The show was just about sold out, which is odd for a Wednesday night, but it was a benefit show for Callum Robbins.  Callum Robbins is the son of J. Robbins, a Baltimore native and indie record producer.  Callum is just a toddler and he’s been stricken with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  He will never be able to walk.  His parents, an indie producer and art school student, are trying to raise money for his treatment.
The Loved Ones as well as Strike Anywhere dedicated  their sets to the child.


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