The Ergs – April 12, 2007

I’ve been lazy.

Here’s an old show review of The Ergs! at Charm City Art Space in Baltimore


(photos by me)


The Ergs know how to take a broken heart and turn it into the best pop punk show you’ll ever see. Last Thursday at the Charm City Art Space in
Baltimore, (a small basement that they managed to fill during their set) five bands played a five dollar show. The opening acts included O Pioneers! (their sound is somewhere between Against Me and Hot Water Music), The Ergs played a ton of old favorites to the crowd as well as brand spankin’ new material from their recent release, Upstairs/ Downstairs.

The Ergs play some of the best pop punk on earth. They’ve got fast guitar riffs and bouncy bass lines that sound even better live than recorded on their three full-length albums. Last Thursday in
Baltimore, the crowd of about 50 kept their feet tapping, heads bobbing, and smiles on their faces. The lyrics aren’t always the most upbeat, however. On their song “Most Dangerous Rap Group,” for example, he sings “I would bet my life that you’re never gonna call me/ I would bet my life that I’ll end up feeling lonely/ It’s just as well I guess/ It would only leave a mess.” But he manages to do it in such a tone, with fast poppy riffs, that one must smile as they sing along.

Undoubtedly, The Ergs are all about having a good time. They did a great job of keeping the mood lightened by joking around with the audience and responding well to their heckling. Before going into a new song, bassist decided to count down from five, “Five, four, three—”
“Seven!” shouted an audience member, but The Ergs just pushed right into their song. Despite the heckling, the audience couldn’t get enough of The Ergs. After their last song, the crowd had to shout out requests for “One more song!” There were requests for favorites off of the albums New Jersey’s Best Prancers (a play on Lifetime’s
New Jersey’s Best Dancers) Dorkrockcorkrod, and a ton of others from the slew of 7’’ and EPs they’ve released. There were even requests for cover songs of The Descendents. . .that would’ve been awesome. The Ergs, being the great guys they are, went ahead and played the crowd two more, including a cover of Gin Blossom’s “Hey Jealousy.”



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