What Have I Been Missing??

I spend a lot of time on punknews.org and I recently took the time to listen to a couple album streams they’ve had up in their impressive sidebar (unlike my own).

Fox Trotsky is an amazing band I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only recently discovered. The best thing about them is that they’re creative tunes are hard to lump into one genre. That, and they scream a whole lot.

Fox Trotsky formed just 4 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia (a big variety of music comes out of this place).  They have since put out their own EP and one CD with Alaska Records.  They’re environmentalists and they know how to rock out.  Let me attempt to describe their sound.

Take imagine a garage band with some heavy distortion, but upbeat melodies. Some impressive guitar solos add to the slow repetative riffs. The vocals are pretty scruffy-looking.  I don’t think this guy has ever had singing lesssons, but that may add to the sound.  The tempos vary, but for the most part you can tap your foot pretty fast.  And although I can’t dance, I can definately bang my head, shake my hips, and wiggle my shoulders a lot.

Reminds me of: Hot Water Music, Bear vs. Shark, The Bronx

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