Incommunicad – WOW!



   Incommunicado is hands down the best punk outfit to come out of Pittsburgh, PA (That’s right.  F**k off, Anti-Flag!).

Yesterday, Incommunicado released Losing Daylight, a full-length album, through A-F Records.  It’s described as “12 songs, less than 30 minutes of erratic punk rock . . . this will be your new favorite band!”  Well, yeah.  I think they are my new favorite band!

The band formed in 2004 and this album is their first full-length.  The band is getting recognized for wild live shows and their ability to span every sub-genre of punk rock.  It’s easy to hear traces of hardcore, screamo, post-hardcore, and pop-punk.  They’ve also got a hint of funk, I’d say.  They’re tunes are really fast and danceable while still pop-punky.

In all of the tunes, the bass seems to be a prominent instrument with it’s impressive fast riffs.  Both guitars add to the speedy and erratic sound.  The vocals are amazing.  Chris, vocalist, has sort of a soothing voice even when he’s yelling.  It reminds me of Davy Havok’s voice, but I get the feeling that this guy doesn’t wear as much pink eyeshadow. There is just the right amount of hollering to make it fun and not obnoxious.  You can even make out the lyrics most of the time!  That’s always impressive.

Incommunicado really sounds like they are doing something different.  I am backing them 110%.  They deserve all the attention they can get.  I love supporting bands that are doing something new and spanning every possible genre.

They remind me of: (old) AFI, Bear vs. Shark, Strike Anywhere


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