They’re Doing the Standing Still . . .

Melbourne, Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki played the U.S. Capitol’s 9:30 Club last Sunday.

At about 8:30 p.m., an hour after doors, Black Moth Super Rainbow, a really lame electro-pop band, took the stage. The small audience looked up at the screen featuring a Richard Simmons workout video, and their eyes remained glued to the screen throughout the band’s set. BMSR’s myspace page describes the band as “psychedelic/ folk/ pop.” I’d call it “sleepy time music” and I’d only put this crap on if I needed to lure myself to sleep. Then again, the random high pitched noises might get annoying. So, the band strolls onto the stage, doesn’t greet the crowd at all in any way, and jams to their psychedelic crap. By “jam” I mean the bass player sort of swayed back and forth while the two keyboardists did their thing. There was also a vocalist and he was sitting on the front of the stage with doggie ears on his head, resembling Barf from Spaceballs. His vocals are pretty unnecessary anyway, considering they were all synthesized and morphed into different sounds. Some of the audience probably thought about dancing, but I think their eyes remained glued on the giant screen above the stage. Amature-drawn cartoons played as well as old commercials and Richard Simmons videos. The cartoons featured disturbing images such as ice cream and hamburgers coming to life. Yeah, these guys must’ve just been too artistic and indie rock for me. It went over my head. Remind me to smoke up or try some LSD next time.

The next band was awesome. (Seriously, I have searched and searched to find the band’s name and I give up.  I will post as soon as I find it!)  They had much better stage presence and clap noises for the now-larger audience to clap along to. They had a reggae/ hip-hop vibe and the girls in their skirts got a chance to shake their rumps in my face. Way to go, indie rock skanks. The music was a lot of fun and I enjoyed clapping along and shaking my hips. The audience interaction was impressive. I believe the vocalist asked us how we were doing, at least. The keyboardist did the “keyboard dinosaur dance” where one holds their hands as a T. Rex would and pretends to poke keys on a keyboard, and that’s always amusing.

Architecture in Helsinki finally took the stage close to 10:00 p.m. The audience had now grown to “approaching sold-out size.” We had anticipated this the entire show as we noticed their excessive amounts of instruments on the stage. There were a couple keyboards, cowbells, a trombone, drums, and guitars (I was most excited for the cowbells). Architecture in Helsinki, with their awesome Australian accents, introduced themselves and constantly said amusing things throughout their set. They even threw out a free copy of “The Wickerman” featuring Nicholas Cage. Their drummer claimed, “I watched it today. It’s awful.”

The stage presence was amazing as they played favorites from their EPs and their full-length, In Case We Die.   I was within the first three or four rows and I was dancing it up.  I couldn’t help but pogo and shake my hips and completely flip out when I recognized my favorite tunes.  However, not many others felt the same.  Fuck indie kids and their “I’m going to pretend I’m not into this music right now” attitude.  Even  Kellie Sutherland, lone female member – keyboard and vocals, had to encourage movement, “It’s your last chance to dance!” she exclaimed before the encore.  I guess the lack of audience participation didn’t bother them too much, the place was almost full on a Sunday night.  That says something.

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