Where is My Cancer?

Dear Cancer Bats,

Tour the U.S. East Coast.



(Liam of Cancer Bats.  http://www.myspace.com/cancerbats)

Cancer Bats is touring again . . . in another country/ continent.

They’re doing a European tour with This is Hell and Comeback Kid. This would be a great show to see, and the past two times Cancer Bats have come around I couldn’t be there. The first, I already had tickets for Bouncing Souls the same night. The second, I was on a trip to New York City with my school’s newspaper ( . . . on which I stalked Blake Schwarzenbach and met him).

Anyway, I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live, and I’m getting anxious.

However, I did once interview Liam, the vocalist of Cancer Bats, and it was the best interview I’ve ever done. Check out the story:

“I can work really hard at this and this can become my life” said Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. “Still our only goal is to go on tour and work hard. It’s what we love doing,” he said. Cancer Bats is made up of Scott Middleton – guitar, Mike Peters – drums, Andrew McCracken – bass, Liam Cormier – vocals. In the two years since they formed in 2004, Cancer Bats have been all over MTV Canada. “We never intended to be on MTV or shoot music videos. We’re just hardcore kids that wanted to have fun in a band,” said Liam. Now, don’t think that Cancer Bats are a bunch of dicks just because they’re on MTV. Liam promises they’re not. Liam feels the best method of promoting themselves is definitely touring, and incorporated in that is what goes on after the show – hanging out with the fans. “You know how a lot of times you’ll go and see a band, and you’ll meet them and they’re like, total dicks? I’ve had my heart broken growing up,” said Liam. “You’re so stoked on a band and they finally go on tour and you meet them, and they’re total assholes. If a kid wants to come up and talk to me, I have all the time in the world for them. I love talking to kids.” If you visit their website, http://www.cancertbats.com, you’ll notice that in their tour diary they’ve requested that fans hang out with the band and have fun after the show. “Also, if you have fireworks, firecrackers, anything that blows up bring it, we want to blow it up with you. Parking lot antics ya dig?” reads a recent entry in the tour diary. Liam supports the Straight Edge lifestyle, so he doesn’t drink or do any drugs, but he’s always looking to have a good time while on tour. “Every day is exciting,” said Liam. “‘Life was meant to be awesome’ – it’s kind of the motto we live by.” To really get the audience involved, “The biggest thing is we try and take it there. With our live show and everything. If there’re only 4 kids who get it and totally love it, then we’ve won. It’s been a success that night,” he said. “Obviously we’re getting better and playing to more kids, more kids are getting stoked on it, and we’re taking it there every night. We take it really seriously that way. We’re going to put on a good show every day. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 people there; I’m going to blow those two people’s minds. That’s my only plan of attack.” Liam explains that he’s in this for the live shows. “We’re not like ‘we just wanna sell records…’ If we sell records we can go on tour, so I’m like ‘Yeah! Let’s sell records!'”
As for the other bands currently on tour with them, Alexisonfire, Attack in Black, and until recently when they had to drop off to start another tour, Every Time I Die, “I love all the bands on our tour right now,” said Liam. He is impressed by the stamina they are able to keep up while on stage. “Every Time I Die are monsters. They kill it every night,” he said. “After we played, I’d load our stuff and hurry up and go stand on the side of the stage and watch them and sing every word.” Alexisonfire is headlining the tour, and they have been playing 90 minute sets every night. “Alexisonfire plays for an hour and a half, but they’re having so much fun with it, it doesn’t look forced or anything,” he said. “They’re playing for 4,000 people but they’re goofing around and the whole show is super fun.” Liam is a big fan of the bands he’s on tour with. “Alexisonfire is really rad. It’s really nerdy, leading up to touring with those guys, I was listening to their C.D. every day. Now that we’re on tour with them, I can’t, but I watch them perform every night,” he said.

Cancer Bats’ first release, Birthing the Giant, was released last month and so far the response has been good. “Slowly but surely,” said Liam. “It’s our first record and I’m pumped!” They’d been touring on a four-song demo, but they’d been writing a lot of stuff since they formed in 2004. “The record was a long time coming itself” Liam said, hence the title, Birthing the Giant. The release date kept getting pushed back, but everyone is pleased with the final result. “We worked hard for so long and finally we produced a healthy baby!” he joked.

While in the studio, Liam helps to lay down the drumming, and the music comes first. “Then I sort of switch modes. I go from drummer brain to vocal brain,” he said. “Then I’m like, ‘It’s time to spit hot fire’.” Cancer Bats don’t seem to fit into a specific genre. Their sound has been compared to Every Time I Die, This is Hell, and Nerve Agents, but they remain unique. When writing, “To me, it’s like putting together parts that I’m stoked on,” said Liam, “I don’t know if you noticed, I’m kind of ADD, so I get stoked on certain parts.” He explained that he especially enjoys breakdowns while guitarist, Scott always wants to incorporate metal solos.

“We all have different tastes. In the end, all of those conflicting ideas come together to make the band really good. We keep everyone in check,” he said. Each member of Cancer Bats has a different taste in music. They’ve all been known to listen to contemporary hardcore, but they each had their own influences growing up. “Just a history of listening to hardcore, punk rock, and metal influenced us in what we’re doing. I could just talk bands all day. So many bands getting me stoked,” he said, excitedly. Get stoked on Cancer Bats and check them out at http://www.myspace.com/cancerbats.


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