I Used to Dislike Tim Barry

Hey. I wrote this over two years ago. I’ve since realized that Rivanna Junction is pretty fucking good. And these statments are way over exaggerated. I’m going to keep this up for shits and giggles, but before you read it, lighten up.
update (6/10/08):

I’ve gotten more comments on this than any of my other posts. Since they have pretty much all been negative, some including mild personal attacks on me, I’m just going to attempt to defend myself and minimize the amount of negative feedback.
1. I have seen Tim Barry live twice at this point.
2. I have listened to Tim Barry’s recordings.
3. So I didn’t just pull all of this randomly out of my ass.
4. I was just slightly annoyed by his behavior when I saw him live in D.C. last summer. I was slightly annoyed when he told his mom to cover her ears before he said “fuck”. I was really only slightly annoyed with this man.
5. I mentioned to my friends that I thought maybe he was trying to convey a certain behavior to keep up a SLIGHT gimmick. They all strongly disagreed, and I was once again slightly annoyed because no one seemed to see where I was coming from.
6. I figured I would just get all of my radical thoughts out through a blog so I could express how I was feeling and feel some relief after fully expressing my thoughts. Sometimes that’s what blogging is all about, eh?

7. I wrote an EXAGGERATED blog in an attempt at humor while also expressing how I felt. I thought it was funny. I don’t mean any real harm.
8. Tim Barry isn’t a bad guy. I don’t wish any ill on him. When I saw him open for Bouncing Souls, he made me laugh out loud. When I bought Smoke or Fire merch from him last February or March, he was very polite.

As for me taking time out of my busy day (by the way I just graduated and I am currently unemployed so blogging is probably one of the better ways I can spend my day) to write something negative, didn’t you just take time to stoop to my level and write something negative by leaving an angry comment?
Either way, it’s still just a joke.

Thanks for reading, and maybe take a couple minutes to leave a nice comment on one of the other posts that are positive?

Who is your favorite artist? Keep them in mind.

What do they sing about? Relationship problems, family, friends, politics, self-motivation, depression, changes within their life? These subjects all make for great lyrics. However, if that artist sings about the same thing over and over again, it could get pretty boring (unless they are the God of lyrics. coughBlakeSchwarzenbachcough)

Imagine if your favorite artist sang about the same three things over and over again simply to enhance their image and keep their gimmick running strong.

Tim Barry is a good ol’ country boy and he keeps his audience very aware though his good ol’ country lyrics. His subject matter consitintly includes: his dog, his dirty bare feet on his porch, and smoking or drinking “Smoking till my lungs burn” – the same three things you will find in all of his promo photos, hmmmm.

I imagine his photo session going something like this:
Photographer: Let’s try to get you conveying that good ol’ country bumpkin feeling. How can we do this best?
Tim: I know what I’m doing. Just let me take off my shoes and socks here . . . Gotta make them understand I can’t even afford shoes.
Photographer: Maybe we should head down to that shack by the river to get a better sense of how country you are. “Country” is an adjective, you know.
Tim: Of course, let me grab Rover and my pack of beer.
Photographer: Sure. Oh, here, don’t forget to have a cigarette. I’ve got two packs, so we should be good for the whole session. Just try to have one in your mouth the entire time.

Every song on his solo album, Rivanna Junction, is a story about getting drunk with a friend and complaining about life, loosing a girl and complaining about life, sitting on his porch with his dog and complaining about life. Tim Barry, cheer the hell up. You have chosen to live this life – you could’ve sold out with Avail long ago and been making tons of money by now. You told your audience in D.C. last summer that you were moving into a shack by the river just for the hell of it, you mean just so you can complain some more about it? Every song is slow as hell and depressing.Tim Barry grew up in Reston, Virginia, a safe and expensive suburb of Washington, D.C. He no doubt had a fine childhood, after all his brother and sister are both classically trained musicians. They both appear on Rivanna Junction. They probably don’t wear shoes either, but they were once able to afford classical music lessons.

As an adult he moved to Richmond, Virginia where he started working with hardcore/punk band Avail.

He’s been fronting Avail since 1991, screaming without a twangy accent and wearing shoes on stage. His lyrics with Avail seem to have a little more variety and be less specific. They are general lyrics about where he is in his life, where he wants to go in life, optimisitc views about his hometown (“It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day. With the sun still shining shining shining shining over the James”). Maybe after years of fronting Avail and being mostly optimistic, he got depressed?

He took off his shoes and started his depressing solo career last year. You would never know that the upbeat, fast singer/screamer in Avail is the same guy whining about everything and making slow twangy songs today. Good thing Avail is still together and touring with upbeat bands, otherwise I’d guess Tim Barry is in a deep depression. Those optimistic Avail views seem to be long gone and he’s not afraid to let all of his fans know.

Get it? He’s an angry country bumpkin.

Enough with the gimmick, Tim Barry. We know you’re a happy guy and you can afford shoes. Stop faking your poor, country bumpkin image.


I get it. You are so depressed that you can’t afford shoes so you’re trying to drown your sorrows and smoke until your lungs burn. I get it, already!

I hate you, Tim Barry.



  1. I didn’t know until this article that singers from hardcore bands have to live in the city or the suburbs. That they would only where mosh caps and people who are optimistic always have to feel that way all the time. Getting in touch roots is bad. Thank you for the life lesson I’ll be sure to check back in for the next informational article I Hate Saves The Day.. I bet they talked to the photograph and told him to try to sell the beautiful sun sets so they look emotional and whats with all the songs with the same subject? Stop with the gimmick already.

  2. Tim is what he is… and if you knew him… you’d know that. He’s smarter than you. He’s stronger than you. He’s also happier than you. Take a look at your own life and learn to keep your ignorant mouth to your self.

  3. Site, looks pretty cool but ripping on a truly sincere, honest man like Tim Barry seems way out of whack. If you don’t like the music, say so and move on. Otherwise, if you’ve never met the man or talked to the man or seen one of his solo shows (and obviously you have not) then save us from this drivel.

  4. I don’t wear shoes sometimes… I don’t know, I just like the feeling of bare feet. Does that mean I can’t afford them? No. Does that mean I’m some country bumpkin? Jeesh, I hope not. 🙂 I also have a bit of a southern accent from growing up in Southern Illinois and spending a lot of time in Mississippi growing up. Does that make me an insipid, ignorant, depressed person? No.

    I wrote a review of how much I enjoyed Tim Barry’s set after seeing him open up for the Bouncing Souls. It was an awe inspiring set that I enjoyed immensely. I also love Avail. And when is the last time you saw or heard a punk/folk artist who didn’t have songs that complained about the state of things or their lives? Personally, I felt that his set had much more depth than even the EP, “Rivanna Junction” could provide, but if you’d rather tear down someone simply for having bare feet, a slight accent, and some lyrics you don’t particularly like, I guess you must have more time on your hands than I could possibly give on this random forum I ran across while trying to find Tim Barry lyrics.

    It’s just sort of ironic that you complain about an artist’s negativity when you wrote something specifically to shed a negative light on their music.

  5. If you had any idea who how nice of a guy Tim was then you would realize what an idiot you are writing a such mean things about him. You suck and so does your blog.

  6. Hhahahahaha. I came across this site cus I was looking for tim barry lyrics. I enjoyed the rant. I myself do love Avail and Tim Barry. I think my younger self would kick my ass though if he knew I started listening to more country type stuff, but thats neither here nor there. As for the rant/article I think there is nothing wrong with seeing a performance and having it annoy you. I went and saw Bright Eyes at HardRock one time and Conner was running around the stage talking about money and how its shit, yet he was playing at Hard Rock and charging well over 30 bones for tickets. That shit is ridiculous. I can totally see how seeing Tim Barry and hearing his stuff could lead to Gimmick Comments. I still love the guy and I do doubt its a Gimmick, but what the fuckever. What I enjoy is the comments defending him. Seriously who cares. Personal attacks back are amusing and ridiculous.

  7. Well, your first problem is I am figuring you listen to the Bouncing Souls. The Bouncing Souls are by far one of the worst live bands I have ever encountered. Tim Barry on the other hand is by far one of the best people who I have ever experienced live. I remember him getting on stage shouting “fuck it” and jumping down on the floor and just began rocking out. Really, you have no points. You just don’t like him for whatever reason and you made a pathetic attempt to prove that you were right.

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