Ships . . .

Ships are sinking and burning. Ship mishaps have inspired a couple band names, and these bands know how to rock.

Bands Sinking Ships This Ship Will Burn are all making badass hardcore/ punk.

Sinking Ships is hardcore from Seattle.

(  Todd Pollack) 

They’ve got fun, two-step-able, breakdowns and some good melody.  It’s a little bit poppy but still angry, somehow.  It’s magic!
They’ve got a full length out on Revelaion Records, Disconnecting.  Although I don’t own a copy yet myself, I highly recommend picking one up.
They remind me of Ambitions and Gorilla Biscuits

This Ship Will Burn   labels themselves as simply “rock”, but they definately have hardcore aspects such as fast guitar, fast bass, fast drums, and fast screaming vocals.  Lyrics such as “This is what it’s like to loose your mind” are pretty depressing and badass. They do have an element of southern rock sometimes, when the guitar wails.  Other than those riffs, these guys are just awesome, fast hardcore.

I have that T-shirt!

They are from Sudbury, Ontario.  They sound similar to Cancer Bats.


Shipwreck a.d. is another ship mishap band name, but I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you unless you’re into tough guy BS.  I often confuse them with Sinking Ships, and it’s not a fun mistake.  I know now that I don’t want to listen to Shipwreck a.d.


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