Get Ready to Dance Alone in Your Room

Architecture in Helsinki recently released their third full length, Places Like This.



I’ve got to say, this new album is 150% more amazing than the last, In Case We Die.  The songs have, on average, shortened by a minute as they have gotten faster and poppier.  They have six members to play their large assortment of instruments including steel drums, xylophone, drum kits, and a tuba.  Although their indie fans will do the “standin’ still” at shows, they know how to make fun, danceable music. Most members get a chance to sing on all of their tracks; the contrast between the male and female vocals add to the eclectic sound.  They’ve thrown in a little more fun gibberish in addition to the lyrical content that’s never made sense to me anyway.  Gibberish includes “waa waa waa”s, “boom da la la la la”s, and “hey ya ya”s.
This is probably the “feel-good” album of the year.


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