Music is Oozing out of Virginia

Richmond, VA seems to be the nucleus of new music that falls under any subgenre of punk rock these days.  If you live there you’re sure to get caught up in the double helixes  and start a band or go to a thousand shows a week.

Recently I discovered a couple good Richmond bands at a show in VA Beach – Resonance and Permanent.

Resonance is a melodic punk band with members from Richmond and VA Beach.  I saw them perform last Saturday at The Jewish Mother in VA Beach and they were a lot of fun. Their devoted hometown fans pissed off the managers of the place by stage diving a whole lot (why did you agree to have a hardcore show if you didn’t expect stage dives and/or slam dancing? . . . but that’s another story, I guess).
Not realizing who the band was when they started to play, I could hear in them a cross between Jawbreaker, Lifetime, and Hot Water Music. Interestingly enough hey list those three bands as influences on their myspace page in addition to Embrace and Turning Point.
The vocals are somewhere between singing and screaming and remind me of screamo bands like A Static Lullaby or Thursday, but the music defiantly takes the sound in a better direction. They aren’t really on the pile-on or two-steping side of hardcore, so tough guys might not find much appeal in this band.  However, they are talented and make some really good tunes.  Just check it out:


Permanent.  This is further up the tough guy alley, but still toned down enough for those who get sick of juggajugs and metal riffs.  There isn’t as much melody, and there are a couple metal riffs.  The vocals are all screams.  In general, it’s faster and angrier.  There are some beautiful breakdowns that’ll get you swaying back and forth wishing you could two-step.
Their sound reminds me a lot of Ruiner, but they are not as fast, which I think I enjoy more.  They’re a lot of fun and I was surprised this band played first on the Dragonsaur bill last Saturday in VA Beach.  These guys should be huge by now.  Get into it!!! 


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