The Measure – Not Just Anything

I interviewed Lauren Measure last week.  Here is the resulting article:



Forming in the summer of 2004, and not expecting the band to last for very long, The Measure recorded their debut LP, Historical Fiction “just to have a record of the band,” said Lauren.  They’ve kept on truckin’ and releasing numerous 7 inches along the way.  So far they’ve got seven 7 inches out in addition to Historical Fiction.  Each 7 inch displays the ever-changing sound of The Measure, as they break further away from the “pop-punk” label, “If you listen to our first album verses our 7 inches that we just put out, it’s really different.  You can probably tell the 7 inches now are by the same band that put out Historical Fiction, but I think we’ve definitely come a long way as a band,” guitarist and vocalist Lauren said.  The Measure can’t be simply be labeled, and they like it that way.  While they fall into the “pop-punk” genre, “you can’t really label us as just a pop punk band, just early 90s rock, or just and indie band.  We try to not just sound like one specific sound . . . I think we all want to write songs, but that don’t sound like we just wrote a pop punk song.  We want it to be more interesting than that,” said guitarist Lauren Measure.  A lot of the Measure’s influences come from folk and country musicians such as Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg.  Lauren named punk and pop punk favorites as Screeching Weasel, The Clash, Jawbreaker, NOFX, and Green Day.  Lauren agrees that recently there has been a pop-punk revival, “I used to think that it was just me getting into more pop punk, but I definitely think there are a lot of bands that are getting back to pop punk whereas for a while you saw a ton of hardcore bands and metal making a comeback . . .I think a lot of what I see now is pop punk . . . I think that’s cool ‘cause I’m having a good time,” she said.  Lauren has good reason to be having a ton of fun because a lot of those bands accumulate in the New York and New Jersey region; The Measure is one of them with a hometown in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  “The New Jersey scene is just great,” she said.  “Bands from New Jersey are putting out some of the best records I’ve heard in a long time and we’re all friends and I just think it’s great.  I think I’m really lucky to live in close proximity to that,” she said.  The Measure is also able to take inspiration from these bands in close proximity, “We’re really influenced by a lot of bands we play with all the time.  They keep pushing us to be better,” she said, listing some newer bands as inspiration, “I’m really into bands that are out there now – The Ergs, The Hunchback, This is My Fist, Ringers.”    

The Measure tends to play a lot of shows with these hometown bands and at their local shows they expect to see their friends up front going off, but as they’ve been touring more and more, they’ve started to see fan emerging all over the place.  “More and more our records are getting out there . . . we went on tour recently and we saw kids that we don’t know sing along and having a really good time -I was really excited about that,” she said.  They’ve started playing bigger venues and their only current goal is to just keep touring.  “We definitely want to go on tour.  That’s the only thing we keep talking about,” she said. 

The Measure has gone through a couple line-up changes and it currently consists of Lauren Measure – guitar/vocals, Fid – guitar/vocals, Andrew – bass, Mikey Yannich – drums. 

To hear The Measure check out



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