Band in D.C. . . . Get it? Get it?

As D.C. looses some of it’s recent hardcore big-names – 86 Mentality and Set to Explode – we’ve manged to keep on truckin’ with a couple nice venues (Bobby Fischer Memorial on North Capitol St. and Alfishawy Cafe on Georgia Ave.) and a handful of up-and-coming bands.

Here is a short, lazily compiled run-down of some recent bands within the 495 region that are worth your time:

Broken Bodies is a new hardcore band playing the best stuff – 80’s style hardcore.  It’s fused with a couple wailiing metal riffs here and there, which is alright in my book if it’s kept at a minimum.  Kind of angry and pretty fast.

Bad Habit.  Number one, they cover Descendents live.  Number two, a couple breakdowns.  Number three, they cover Descendents live.

Mindset = constant fun straight-edge breakdowns.

Coke Bust is super thrashy, so I can’t get into it until they slow it down and allow the crust to settle (I’m so witty), but a lot of kids really dig this.

Time to Escape.  Imagine some semi-crusty circle pits clearing out to make room for ‘bows gettin’ thrown during two-stepping and picking up change.  Parsons voice is crackly and angry, yet somehow not too intimidating.  Possibly because his former band Bail Out! revealed in their song “The Ballad of Bail Out!” that he once used sour cream for fun in the bedroom with a lady when he was out of whipped cream.

I’m sleepy.


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