Another post about Gaslight Anthem . . .

I wrote a short review about Gaslight Anthem’s new EP, The Senor and the Queen, a while ago.  I slacked and didn’t post it.  Quickly enjoy these 223 words . . .

The new Gaslight Anthem EP, Senor and the Queen, has managed to keep the same ol’ Gaslight Anthem sound, and that is a good thing. They have yet to alter their sound a whole lot, staying on the same wave of alternative/folk/pop/punk. The music seems to straddle Against Me!, Hot Water Music, and Bruce Springsteen all at once. Their fun, hard-to-classify sound debuted with the LP Sink or Swim, and this four-song EP flows perfectly in the same vein. They’ve really struck gold with their specially brewed genre, as it’s quite vague and their small alterations to tempo and instrumentation don’t really push it out of its realm, and it keeps fans wondering what new sounds will make them dance next.

They’re still singing a lot about nostalgia, falling in love, having a party, and dancing with girls named Maria. Vocalist/ guitarist Brian Fallon’s voice sounds a little hardened, but still soothing as he tells stories of times past and times to come. Overall, filling listeners with a hopeful, good feeling; no songs seem to end on a bad note, but rather hopeful. Giving a listener an inspiring lyric is like giving a mouse a cookie, they’re going to keep coming back for more. Gaslight Anthem will likely be around for a good while handing out more inspiring lyrics and good punkish tunes.


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