We are, We are, We are Breakable

Wow, you know what I just remembered . . . Modern Life is War broke up and it sucks. This is a draft I started a while back and was too embarrassed to post it. Not anymore. I fucking miss you MLIW!

I just need to say goodbye.

This blog post is about to be cheesy as hell, and most likely long, but I feel it just needs to be done.

This morning I was daydreaming and I had a memory take over my mind – a Modern Life is War basement show in Harrisonburg, VA last September. I didn’t so much think about the set list or crowd reaction, but more just my friends and I’s reaction. We’d make eye contact and smile at parts of our favorite songs since we have all expressed our favorite lyrics to each other and incorporated them into inside jokes. Maybe you could consider us dorks, but we’ve even been known to act out our favorite lyrics. In the song “DEADRAMONES”, Jeff sings the line “Tonight we’ll get our kicks, tonight we’re all letting go . . .” Well sure enough when he said, “get our kicks,” Jason and I pointed to our feet and kicked our right legs. Wow, we’re losers. Maybe it’s for the best that MLIW is breaking up, and now we can all get lives. Nevertheless, I’m going to miss their shows – full of pile ons and fighting for the mic at our favorite lines (James once stole the mic for my favorite MLIW line, “The world isn’t against you, my dear. It just doesn’t care”, after insisting that he would help me up to get the mic at that point. He still thinks it’s funny.) After seeing them the first time back in January 2006, at every show of their’s that I’ve attended, I”ve struggled to be in the front row to smile at their (former) guitarist, Sjarm, and yell in Jeff’s face.

Modern Life is War has meant a lot to me, maybe too much.

They came along at just the right time in my life. I was 19 and lost when I first heard them, now I’m 21 and even more lost after graduating. However, Jeff’s inspiring lyrics pop into my head almost daily and give me hope. Just the simple, “we overcome, we push ahead” from My Love. My Way.’s “First and Ellen”. Like he said at their last show, knowing someone can feel the same as you is just indescribable. It really is. I can talk to friends about all the crap in my head, and if they can’t empathize, I at least recognize that someone felt the same and already wrote something inspiring relating to it.

I don’t know if Jeff will ever read this blog again so I don’t feel too awkward basically admitting that he’s kinda one of my heroes.

I don’t know if i will ever feel the same about another band…


These guys . . .

That’s them at my house in Jan. 2006 with their two roadies Sean and Josh I believe???

Only three of those five remained in the final line up, but yeah. I promise that is my house and this isn’t some random image I found on google.

Start new bands, guys. Start new fuckin’ bands.


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