Baltimore Talent!

I want to thank Baltimore’s Double Dagger, who played the Talking Head (now attached to the Sonar).Thank you for the breath of fresh air during Insubordination Fest. I was drowning in pop-punk, and your sound was like a breath of fresh, non-toxic, arboretum-worthy oxygen. Although they just released a CD/LP on Toxic Pop Records, their sound belongs on a late-80’s Dischord compilation. They take Rites of Spring, smooth it over, add melody, and tone down the screachiness in the vocals. You can’t help but move to the rhythm of the drum and bass while vocalist Nolan Strals sing/talk/screams. Their tunes could be on in the background while you’re just laying around the house or turned all the way up while you’re throwing a house party.
Their live performance cannot be transferred to C.D., which is for the best considering the stage antics of Strals can get to be a bit overwhelming and obnoxious as he stumbles into the crowd and attempts to intimidate them by staring into their eyes and grabbing them while singing, or just rolling around and tangling the microphone wire throughout legs.
I forgive him for his obnoxious behavior because the sound was so refreshing. It’s really like nothing I’ve heard before and I’m happy to represent this local talent.

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