Hostage Calm

Wow, I only had to hear about two minutes worth of this band before I decided I would be blog-praising them.

The first thing that pulled me in was the intoxicating vocals.  They sound like Ian Mackaye talking/ singing at times, but they mostly trade off for a more soothing sing/ yell.  The voice reminds me of Ignite or Ambitions because of the genuine singing ability.  The abundance in gang vocals give it that newer hardcore feel along with slow, two step-able double bass spots and a couple metal riffs high on the fret.  The tempo ranges from super fast to mid-tempo and dance-able.  A lot of the faster parts are melodic and Kid Dynamite-ish with more of a metal feel.  The influences listed on their myspace page are pretty accurate – Minor Threat, Fugazi, Battery (Yay DC bands), H20, Decendents.  I am also hearing AFI and Sinking Ships.  These guys are definately not like recent generic hardcore.  They are standing out and I am getting addicted.  Already on my third run-through of their myspace songs.

They’re on tour now backing their full-length Lens. Check out their dates on the myspace page.


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