Timber – s/t demo

Sorry if the major-label comparison is offensive, but imagine that somewhat annoying fan-based Interscope-act Brand New took speed then destroyed all their acoustic guitars, danced around to some Velvet Underground, Hot Snakes or Death from Above 1979, and probably a little Black Flag. So it’s a really emotional act with some impressive sad lyric-writing ability, and they’re hyped on amphetamines, plugged in with the gain turned up and the bass drowning out the guitar; so they still may appeal to teen girls because of their catchy rhythm and melody at times, but the heavy bass, quick guitars, and eclectic drumming can pull in a wide range of listeners.

Timber is melodic and progressive, downbeat and emotional indie stuff that’d you’d dance to if it wasn’t so sad and weird. Inconveniently further from DC than a great up-and-coming band would like to be albeit – they’re straight out of Gaithersburg, MD (woo!). Congratulations to Timber for completely stumping me in the accurate musical comparison department – the Brand New scenario is the best I can do. Seeing as the band members are all pretty young, they’ve got a ton of room for improvement and elaboration on their already unique theme.


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