Best Friends Day 2008

Best Friends Day 2008 was super awesome because I surprisingly got to go off for Paint it Black two nights in a row. The draw for Friday was Paint it Black at Alley Katz. Municipal Waste, Brutal Knights, and Quadiliacha were all great at the show but I wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for Paint it Black. The draw for Saturday was originally Friendly Fire, but after Andy Nelson of Paint it Black announced a surprise house show with CEREMONY for the same night, my plans changed. The draw for Sunday was Armalite and Cloak/Dagger. Overall, Dan Yemin was the main draw to BFD ’08.

This pic sums it up best:

Shirtless Dan Yemin, crusties, and a fixed gear bike

Shirtless Dan Yemin, crusties, and a fixed gear bike

This entry features only Dan Yemin’s bands. So don’t read on if you’re a hipster in search of Shellshag or This Bike is a Pipe Bomb pics

Among PIB’s sets at Alley Katz on Friday and the surprise house show on Wallace St. Saturday night with Ceremony were:

– maybe 4 stage dives from me, 3/4 of which I was caught safely . . .
– a bloody lipped and ever-intimidating shirtless Dan Yemin
– wrinkly fingers from sweat
– slippery beer drenched floor
– pushing, shoving, and bruises

– Cannibal
– Pink Slip
– We WIll Not
– Atticus Finch
– Womb Envy
-The Ledge
– Past Tense, Future Perfect
– Election Day
– Exit Wounds
-Gravity Wins
-The Pharmacist
– So Much for Hounor Among Thieves
-Shell Game Redux

I love “New Lexicon”. It’s nothing like a lot of new hardcore albums. I have listened to it on average at least twice a week since it came out last February. I loved any and all songs they performed off of that album. Not to mention, they have a good mix up of old and new songs. This band is gold.

The house show was easily the best show of my summer. Ceremony and Paint it Black both sounded amazing. The kids all had a great time and we all lost our minds during Ceremony. Everyone toned it down a bit for Paint it Black, but everyone still attacked Dan for the mic during “Atticus Finch” of course.


me gasping for air behind Dr.Dan = lolz (PIB myspace)

me gasping for air behind Dr.Dan = lolz (PIB myspace)

Paint it Black myspace

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