Terrible Band Name . . .

But amazing fucking tunes!!

Cobra Skulls has been around for a while and I would always deliberately ignore the news about them and mindfully never click on their hyperlinks solely because their band name is annoying.
Well I read tonight that they are touring with Fake Problems and Look Mexico, two bands that I certainly enjoy, so I thought, “What the hell?”

obnoxious picture that added to my ignorance of this band
obnoxious picture that added to my ignorance of this band

Cobra Skulls is a breath of fresh air for me, who was smothered in Ceremony and The Smiths all summer.
These guys are fast-paced pop-folk-punk.  Against Me! meets The Dead Milkmen – awesome middle ground, but they seem to lean more in the Dead Milkmen direction, which is a good thing.

I don’t know why I slept on these guys, I should’ve been promptly sleeping with them and making love to their full length, Sitting Army.
Some of that album is streaming here.

They have joined the list of great bands with terrible names:

Murder by Death
Cancer Bats

Add to the list…



  1. hate is too strong of a word, cause i don’t think about this band, but they are in the bottom 5 for bands i’ve seen, they sounded like they are way into the second most recent Against Me! record which wasn’t very good but they take that style and make it worse
    – ryan

  2. In my mind Every Time I Die deserves first place on that list… I totaly agree on Cancer Bats, I hate that name! Gonna see them live tomorrow, though (can’t bloody wait…)!

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