We’re All Born Innocent and We All Die Alone

We all try to make a dent, we’re just flesh and bone.


Cutting Class is my new favorite band out of the UK, hands down.  Not only are they (I’m 98% sure) named after a badass song by one of the best existing bands in hardcore right now, Paint it Black, but they deserve a spot in the running for the same title, as they do their best with that mild Paint it Black influence.  While it’s a stretch to throw them under that label, this band has only been around for a year, and major n00b credit is due.  Their myspace page expresses their two commandments – play fast and have fun.  Good deal.  They are indeed fun and fast; but while poppy, they remain heavy, and scruffy vocals leave an angry trace.  I’m detecting a somewhat emo Hot Water Music feel admist the Kid Dynamite speed and agression.  It’s melodic hardcore, but nowhere near “happy hardcore” – keep the aggression that comes with hardcore, and you can still bounce around a little bit.  The three songs on their ‘space are over in an awesome seven minute whirlwind.

They’ve got one EP out on Nothing to Prove Records and a sweet list of tour mates from past tours.  Check them out now.

These guys were in my friend requests folder on myspace.  They found me.  I don’t know how but they found me . . .

. . .and I’m grateful.  Not only do they have some splendid tunes, but their current profile picture features Dan Yemin.  And everyone needs a Dan Yemin picture (or two) on their space . . . =]


(This is my first post in forever.  It’s taking a while to get settled into polluted and frigetening Korea)

One response to “We’re All Born Innocent and We All Die Alone

  1. the british haven’t gotten punk/hardcore right in a long time…or any music really

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