What’s Going on in New Jersey?

Despite New Jersey being a fairly crappy state with cold dirty beaches and no left turns, they consistently house a lot of good music – I mean, hello…Bon Jovi! fuck yeah!

Seasick is my latest discovery that merited a blog post.

from the myspace
from the myspace

While typically on the quicker/ thrashier side of mid-tempo, Seasick is not too fast, not too slow – just right in my book. Mid tempo f.t.w.!
They’ve combined bits of metal, thrash, and melodic hardcore – albeit pleasing devout circle pitters.
They’re not exactly breaking any mold, but it’s a fun listen.

I won’t attempt to compare this band to anyone because I usually hate thrash and I don’t want to offend.

blaaah I haven’t reviewed music in a WHILE.


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