Miss MLIW, Suicide File, or Give up the Ghost? Well Dangers is a terrestrial band from Ponoma, CA that has conveniently rolled the threefold styles into one like a delicious hardcore sushi. MMmm.
Compared to recent hardcore out of CA that’s been a little drugged up and thrashy, Dangers has a more calm and composed feel. A hard hitting sound that’s not super heavy or fast. Predominantly mid-tempo, angry, and melodic with honest, hoarse lyrics that intertwine to create a striking impression.
www.wearedangers.com for more info.
They get extra points for a song referencing
“The Wonder Years”, naming their cd “Anger” so it practically rhymes with their band name, and adding rhino to their album cover.

One response to “DAngers

  1. Thanks for the support.
    Google is an interesting beast.
    We have a new record coming out.
    If you’d like, I’ll send you one!

    al / dangers

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