The Measure

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The Measures latest full length, iOne Chapter in the Book/i

The Measure's latest full length, One Chapter in the Book

If I were to weigh the two full lengths from The Measure, neither would come out on top. To be more optimistic, they’d both be on top. The first has that classic original quality and the second twists and elaborates on that classic style. One Chapter in the Book doesn’t need time to grow on you with multiple listens. It will grow all over you as it plays from start to finish. This new album doesn’t take any giant leaps in one direction or the other, so fans shouldn’t be let down too much unless they discriminate against slightly better recording quality – which won’t surprise me. As The Measure continues to run with their already established awesome sound, this new full-length comes out after one full-length, multiple split 7”s and an EP – making for a tasty Measure Oreo.

The Measure do what they can with folk, alternative, and pop punk to produce a fast-paced, fun, and honest sound. Impressive drumming quickly involves the entire set and contributes greatly to the liveliness of The Measure’s sound. Quick, sharp guitar chords ring under glossy vocals. Melodies tend to stay upbeat, latching on to your short term memory with their catchiness.

The girl – boy dual vocals from Lauren and Fid add a depth to their creations that abandons the majority of music these days. We, as in women, are squeezing our way into various genres of rock music, and the field of folky pop-punk is currently thriving – Bound to Bolt, This is My Fist, Lemuria, etc.

Clearer lyrics on this album are welcomed, providing memorable chants full of creative honesty that’ll resonate once the track stops. Lauren Measure leaves fear behind in her lyrics. She sings thoughts that are undoubtedly backed by girls all over the world. At least I’m with her on “The Moment that You Said Yes” as she calls out typical asshole boyfriend behavior and degrades girls who “spend their whole lives planning their wedding” or who “wear their body weight in make-up”. This track has presented itself as my favorite track along with the openly melancholy “Old Crew”. While sadness somewhat stayed in the closet on Historical Fiction; disguised by non-stop quick tempos and upbeat melody, One Chapter in the Book uses an acoustic guitar and swaying tempo to present obvious sorrow on “Old Crew”. Overall, this album does slow it down at times – sometimes going up and down with tempo in a single track, and with the addition of two more tracks, the play time has at least doubled compared to Historical. However, through various tempo changes, The Measure hasn’t lost their patent style. That style has just been elaborated upon.

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