Thawed Out

2008 Thawed Out demo
2008 Thawed Out demo

There would probably be some copywright issues involved, but I’m just going to go ahead and say the Hoth Wamapa from Empire Strikes Back has some badass theme songs. Juding by their myspace page and demo artwork, a new band in the DC area – Thawed Out – are cleary fans of the ice monster and they’ve put out some serious good quick paced, slightly thrashy, hardcore punk. I’m convinced the anger-laden, scratchy vocals are produced by vocal chord clones of The Suicide File’s Dave Weinberg – in fact I’d name them an apt comparison for the punkier side of Thawed Out. The angry vocals go well with lyrics such as “You gotta watch out – I kill randomly, I kill randomly” on “Fit of Rage”. Not the most genius lyrics, but they’re portrayed in such a way that you won’t notice because UR MOSHIN’. They just finished their ’08 demo with Joe Mitra and it’s well worth a listen.
Check out the space.

Extra points for sampling Falling Down and the abundance of Hoth Wampa promotion.


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