Title Fight will be The Last Thing You Forget

The Last Thing Your Forget - 7 in
The Last Thing Your Forget - 7 in

Title Fight’s The Last Thing You Forget is on constant rotation in my room lately.

With two EPs under their belt, Last Thing displays some evolution in Title Fight’s sound. Like the previous EPs – Kings of Kingston and a split with Erection Kids – the sound pulls from melodic hardcore and pop punk ala old Saves the Day, but there’s apparent maturity here. That maturity takes the form of aggression and depth amongst a catchy smoothed over but surly sound.

Shedding some of their poppy skin, Title Fight replaces the majority of singing with gruff screams, slowing down the tempo to emphasize cut-throat lyrics and talented melodic guitar riffs, and improving vocal melodies that appear following gruff screams, giving the sound a lot more depth.

Lyrics seem to have improved also and unfortunately they seem heartbreak-induced. While past releases showed hope and positivity in the lyrics, Last Thing is oozing with bitterness – obviously a companion for creative and relatable lyrics. “No One Stays at the Top Forever” offers some of the best, “I’m knee deep in loosing sleep. You can’t find yourself when you’ve lost everything,” both Jamie Rhoden and Ned Russin collaborate in sing-scream form. Although all a bit whiney, Last Thing’s brilliant aggressive lyrics are extremely catchy.

It’s thrilling to see this young band come into a sound of their own before even releasing an LP.  These four songs (don’t forget the instrumental on the B side) show an exciting progression for Title Fight.


Mutiny Zine


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