Cheap Girls – My Roaring 20s

Offering a solid progressive follow-up album, Cheap Girls are the current experts on paying homage to 90’s alternative and powerpop – if not the only experts in the field today.  With last year’s debut Find Me a Drink Home, you might be reminded of 90’s greats The Lemonheads, Archers of Loaf, and sometimes Dinosaur Jr.  My Roaring 20’s offers familiar comparisons as they don’t stray far from that original style, but Cheap Girls really shine on this album with an added twangy, bluesy acoustic element to their alt-powerpop. Compared to their debut, this album gives off more of a southern vibe (despite their Michigan location).

As they seem to really be coming into their own on this release, there’s good energy from start to finish on this album.  Steady mid-tempo to fast drums behind poppy strumming and catchy, melodic guitar riffs keep the album upbeat yet mellow from start to finish.  Cheap Girls still retain that 90’s alternative influence and mash it with a more folky drinking-song style for an overall feel-good experience.

While he’s not the most talented vocalist, Ian Grahm’s unique smooth and folky style is consistent; leaving a lasting impression.  Just as with Find Me a Drink Home, lyrics remain honest and creative as they stick to the album title’s theme.  While they’re a bit meloncholy, the catchiness of the tunes offers sing alongs throughout the entire album. Stand-out catchy lyrics are in the end track, “One & Four” as he belts with melodic sadness “Where did you come from?  Where did you go?” in each catchy chorus.  “Hey, Hey I’m Worn Out” offers a sing along of the track’s title a few times throughout.  Over the twangy guitars, Grahm’s voice is nearly intoxicating, fitting well into these perfect drinking tunes. 

My Roaring 20’s is the perfect follow up album.  Cheap Girls retain their awesome influences as they take on their own unique style and bring something new to the table in today’s independent music scene.


Mutiny Zine


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