New Luck, No Hesitation

I seem to have fallen out of the music journalism passion that so entrapped me before my English-teaching stint in Prague. The passion must’ve been dorment until two coffees in a row today and the discovery of the new Good Luck album streaming at Alternative Press. Well whether coffee- or passion- fueled, I had no hesitation to start reviewing.
I hope I can continue to fan the flame of music journalism passion after today’s spark.
Here is my review:

As someone who has overplayed Into Lake Griffy, it’s hard to be blown away by the new Good Luck album, Without Hesitation. That is not, however, to deny the explosiveness of this album; new backtracking listeners will easily be doubly blown away. Into Lake Griffy is an A-plus album and therefore tricky to follow. Since we were all left in a difficult position as eagerly expecting fans, Without Hesitation is a major sigh of relief. Good Luck hasn’t exactly brought anything surprising or new to the table, and in this rare occasion that is meant admiringly rather than unimpressed or insulting. Good Luck continues to preserve their spot at a creative intersection of pop-punk, folk-punk, indie, and metaly guitar riffs.
In comparison to Into Lake Griffy, the first couple tracks, “All Good People” and “Our Mess, Our Mark”, are a bit watered down – slower and smoothed over – conjuring a grungier Dinosaur Jr. feel at times.
The whole album might be considered diluted in comparison the debut, but Good Luck allowed room for that. Upon hitting track three, “The Others”, the album powers through quick-paced, loud, and poppy. Still present are the noodly guitars, high-pitched harmonizing, upbeat and poppy riffs, and fairly unconventional punk instrumentation (clarinet, piano). They’ve taken it a step further on this album with the addition of a euphonium (google it) on tracks two and seven, and the help of two more musicians – Justin Hubler(piano) and Toby Foster(euphonium) . Throughout the album lyrics remain honest, personal, fun, relatable and spirit-lifting.
As a band with one of the most unique sounds out there, that undoubtedly realized how hard their debut would be to follow, Good Luck has taken what they created and sprinted.


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