About Me/ My Blog

Don’t forget the songs that made you cry
and the songs that saved your life.
Yes you’re older now. And you’re a clever swine.
But they were the only ones that ever stood by you.

I graduated from Frostburg State University in Frostburg, MD with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications and a minor in Journalism. I was the music editor at my university’s school newspaper – The Bottom Line – for two years. The experience I had interviewing and featuring some of my favorite bands each week will forever be one of the most passionate experiences of my life.  As I continue through my quarter-life crisis, I hope to chose a direction career-wise without letting my music journalism passion fade away.  Here  you can find a collection of my CD reviews, band spotlights, and interviews.  I’ve contributed to Racket Mag, punknews.org,  AMP magazine, and various blog sites.


Contact:  stephthornton0@gmail.com

toothpaste for dinner



  1. Hey, i saw your review of iconoclasm on punknews. Nice job. Do you have any pictures from that Corpse fortess show or know of anyone who took some. The show was so much fun.

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